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Mary Lenzi
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    Problems for Democracy.John Kultgen & Mary Lenzi (eds.) - 2006 - Rodopi.
    This book, based on the premise that democracy promotes peace and justice, explores theoretical and practical problems that can arise or that have arisen in democratic polities. Contributors address, with clarifying analyses, such theoretical issues as the relationship between recursivist metaphysics and democracy, the relationship between the economic and political orders, and the nature of justice. Contributors offer, as well, enlightening resolutions of practical problems resulting from a history of social, political or economic injustice.
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    Platonic Polypsychic Pantheism.Mary Lenzi - 1997 - The Monist 80 (2):232-250.
    “All things are full of gods”. A Platonic conversion toward a novel form of pantheism lies behind this pronouncement. This form is seldom appreciated in Platonic studies, and perhaps in general. I shall call it “polypsychic pantheism.” Platonic polypsychic pantheism is a form of pantheism that views the universe as a living, heterogeneously ensouled, divine being. Its divinity consists in a plurality of Gods, because different sorts of Soul-Gods appear necessary to make the universe one living God. Platonic polypsychic pantheism (...)
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    Inquiry, Forms, and Substances: A Study in Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemology. [REVIEW]Mary Lenzi - 1999 - Ancient Philosophy 19 (2):412-416.
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    Plato’s Last Look at the Gods.Mary Lenzi - 2007 - Philotheos 7:124-135.
  5. "Plato's Equivocal Wisdom".Mary Lenzi - 2005 - Proceedings of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.