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    Who Calls It? Actors and Accounts in the Social Construction of Organizational Moral Failure.Masoud Shadnam, Andrew Crane & Thomas B. Lawrence - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 165 (4):699-717.
    In recent years, research on morality in organizational life has begun to examine how organizational conduct comes to be socially constructed as having failed to comply with a community’s accepted morals. Researchers in this stream of research, however, have paid little attention to identifying and theorizing the key actors involved in these social construction processes and the types of accounts they construct. In this paper, we explore a set of key structural and cultural dimensions of apparent noncompliance that enable us (...)
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    Understanding Widespread Misconduct in Organizations: An Institutional Theory of Moral Collapse.Masoud Shadnam & Thomas B. Lawrence - 2011 - Business Ethics Quarterly 21 (3):379-407.
    ABSTRACT:Reports of widespread misconduct in organizations have become sadly commonplace. Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, accounting fraud in large corporations, and physical and sexual harassment in the military implicate not only the individuals involved, but the organizations and fields in which they happened. In this paper we describe such situations as instances of “moral collapse” and develop a multi-level theory of moral collapse that draws on institutional theory as its central orienting lens. We draw on institutional theory because of (...)
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    Opening Constructive Dialogues Between Business Ethics Research and the Sociology of Morality: Introduction to the Thematic Symposium.Masoud Shadnam, Andrey Bykov & Ajnesh Prasad - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 170 (2):201-211.
    Over the last decade, scholars across the wide spectrum of the discipline of sociology have started to reengage with questions on morality and moral phenomena. The continued wave of research in this field, which has come to be known as the new sociology of morality, is a lively research program that has several common grounds with scholarship in the field of business ethics. The aim of this thematic symposium is to open constructive dialogues between these two areas of study. In (...)
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