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Massimiliano Aragona
Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
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    Alternative Perspectives on Psychiatric Validation: Dsm, Icd, Rdoc, and Beyond.Peter Zachar, Drozdstoj Stoyanov, Massimiliano Aragona & Assen Jablensky (eds.) - 2014 - Oxford University Press.
    In this important new book in the IPPP series, a group of leading thinkers in psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy offer alternative perspectives that address both the scientific and clinical aspects of psychiatric validation, emphasizing throughout their philosophical and historical considerations.
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    About and Beyond Comorbidity: Does the Crisis of the DSM Bring on a Radical Rethinking of Descriptive Psychopathology?Massimiliano Aragona - 2009 - Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 16 (1):29-33.
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    The study of subjective experience as a scientific task for psychopathology. A commentary on Stoyanov, D., Machamer, P.K. & Schaffner, K.F. (2012). [REVIEW]Massimiliano Aragona - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (1):155-156.
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    The person’s position-taking in the shaping of schizophrenic phenomena.Giovanni Stanghellini, Massimiliano Aragona, Lorenzo Gilardi & Rosa Ritunnano - forthcoming - Philosophical Psychology.
    Traditional psychopathological approaches to modelling the evolution of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, often rest on the assumption that symptoms are the passive expression of an underlying disease process. In contrast, phenomenological approaches have highlighted the role that the person, as a meaning-making agent undergoing basic anomalous experiences, plays in the construction of their worlds – thus partly shaping the manifestation and course of illness. However, it remains to be explored how specific patterns of interaction between the person and his/her (...)
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    The Role of Comorbidity in the Crisis of the Current Psychiatric Classification System: Comorbidity.Massimiliano Aragona - 2009 - Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 16 (1):1-11.