Matt Waldschlagel [5]Matthew John Waldschlagel [1]
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    How Not to Think About Forgiveness.Matt Waldschlagel - 2016 - Social Philosophy Today 32:137-151.
    It is commonly held that the reason we ought to forgive those who wrong or harm us is to overcome the stranglehold that the vindictive passions or negative emotions have over us. On this common account, the driving reason to forgive someone else for the harm they have caused or the wrong they have done to us is to heal oneself. I find this account wrongheaded, as it runs the risk of treating forgiveness as a facile panacea which fails to (...)
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    The Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence as a Case Study for the Historiography of Physics.Matt Waldschlagel - 2020 - Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science 8:59.
    This paper examines an important episode in the history of early modern physics – the Leibniz-Clarke correspondence of 1715-16, an exchange that occurred at the intersection of physics, metaphysics and theology – before turning to questions of interpretation in the historiography of physics. Samuel Clarke, a disciple of Isaac Newton, engaged in a dispute over Newton’s commitment to absolute space and absolute time with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who criticized Newton’s views and advanced a rival account. I clarify the positions at (...)
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