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    Risking Aggression: Toleration of Threat and Preventive War.Matthew Beard - 2013 - Heythrop Journal 54 (5).
    Generally speaking, just war theory (JWT) holds that there are two just causes for war: self-defence and ‘other-defence’. The most common type of the latter is popularly known as ‘humanitarian intervention’. There is debate, however, as to whether these can serve as just causes for preventive war. Those who subscribe to JWT tend to be unified in treating so-called preventive war with a high degree of suspicion on the grounds that it fails to satisfy conventional criteria for jus ad bello; (...)
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    Virtuous Soldiers: A Role for the Liberal Arts?Matthew Beard - 2014 - Journal of Military Ethics 13 (3):274-294.
    The modern soldier is faced with a complex moral and psychological landscape. As Nancy Sherman puts it in The Untold War: Inside the Hearts and Minds of our Soldiers, ‘soldiers go to war to fight external enemies… but most fight inner wars as well.’ The modern soldier is no longer simply a warrior: he is at once a peacekeeper, diplomat, leader, sibling and friend. In the face of such challenges, some responsible for the teaching of soldiers have endeavoured to incorporate (...)
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    Personhood, harm and interest: a reply to Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva.Matthew Beard & Sandra Lynch - 2013 - Journal of Medical Ethics 39 (5):1-4.
    In the article ‘After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?’ arguments are made in favour of the moral permissibility of intentionally killing newborn infants, under particular conditions. Here we argue that their arguments are based on an indefensible view of personhood, and we question the logic of harm and interest that informs their arguments. Furthermore, we argue that the conclusions here are so contrary to ordinary moral intuitions that the argument and conclusions based upon it—including those which defend more mainstream (...)
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  4. The ethics of enhanced human performance.Matthew Beard - 2017 - In T. R. Frame & Albert Palazzo (eds.), Ethics under fire: challenges for the Australian Army. University of New South Wales Press.
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    Risking Aggression: Toleration of Threat and Preventive War.Matthew Beard - 2019 - Heythrop Journal 60 (6):883-894.