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    Mindfulness starts with the body: somatosensory attention and top-down modulation of cortical alpha rhythms in mindfulness meditation.Catherine E. Kerr, Matthew D. Sacchet, Sara W. Lazar, Christopher I. Moore & Stephanie R. Jones - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
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    Support Vector Machines and Affective Science.Chris H. Miller, Matthew D. Sacchet & Ian H. Gotlib - 2020 - Emotion Review 12 (4):297-308.
    Support vector machines are being used increasingly in affective science as a data-driven classification method and feature reduction technique. Whereas traditional statistical methods typically compare group averages on selected variables, SVMs use a predictive algorithm to learn multivariate patterns that optimally discriminate between groups. In this review, we provide a framework for understanding the methods of SVM-based analyses and summarize the findings of seminal studies that use SVMs for classification or data reduction in the behavioral and neural study of emotion (...)
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    Defining Meditation: Foundations for an Activity-Based Phenomenological Classification System.Terje Sparby & Matthew D. Sacchet - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Classifying different meditation techniques is essential for the progress of meditation research, as this will enable discerning which effects are associated with which techniques, in addition to supporting the development of increasingly effective and efficient meditation-based training programs and clinical interventions. However, both the task of defining meditation itself, as well as defining specific techniques, faces many fundamental challenges. Here we describe problems involved in this endeavor and suggest an integrated model for defining meditation. For classifying different meditation techniques, we (...)
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  4. Fusiform Gyrus Dysfunction is Associated with Perceptual Processing Efficiency to Emotional Faces in Adolescent Depression: A Model-Based Approach.Tiffany C. Ho, Shunan Zhang, Matthew D. Sacchet, Helen Weng, Colm G. Connolly, Eva Henje Blom, Laura K. M. Han, Nisreen O. Mobayed & Tony T. Yang - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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