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Profile: Matthew Kotzen (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  1. Silins's Liberalism.Matthew Kotzen - 2012 - Philosophical Studies 159 (1):61-68.
    Nico Silins has proposed and defended a form of Liberalism about perception that, he thinks, is a good compromise between the Dogmatism of Jim Pryor and others, and the Conservatism of Roger White, Crispin Wright, and others. In particular, Silins argues that his theory can explain why having justification to believe the negation of skeptical hypotheses is a necessary condition for having justification to believe ordinary propositions, even though (contra the Conservative) the latter is not had in virtue of the (...)
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    The Normativity of Humor.Matthew Kotzen - 2015 - Philosophical Issues 25 (1):396-414.
  3. Multiple Studies and Evidential Defeat.Matthew Kotzen - 2013 - Noûs 47 (1):154-180.
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    Review of Decision Theory and Rationality by José Luis Bermúdez. [REVIEW]Matthew Kotzen - 2010 - Philosophical Books 51 (1):53-62.
  5. A Three-Door Game Show and Some of its Variants.Matthew Kotzen - 2013 - Noûs 47 (1).
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