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Matthew Pamental
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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    Pragmatism, Metaphysics, and Bioethics: Beyond a Theory of Moral Deliberation.Matthew Pamental - 2013 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 38 (6):jht030.
    Pragmatism has been understood by bioethicists as yet another rival in the “methods wars,” as yet another theory of moral deliberation. This has led to criticism of pragmatic bioethics as both theoretically and practically inadequate. Pragmatists’ responses to these objections have focused mainly on misunderstandings of pragmatism’s epistemology. These responses are insufficient. Pragmatism’s commitment to radical empiricism gives it theoretical resources unappreciated by critics and defenders alike. Radical empiricism, unlike its more traditional ancestors, undercuts the gaps between theory and practice, (...)
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    Dewey, Situationism, and Moral Education.Matthew P. Pamental - 2010 - Educational Theory 60 (2):147-166.
    According to a number of authors, character is dead. On their view, the evidence is in, and all of our attempts to inculcate character in our students have not only failed, but are in fact destined to fail for various reasons. They base their conclusions in part on a number of experimental results that have been obtained since the 1920s, collectively known as situationism. If these authors are right, then the current emphasis on character education in the United States is (...)
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    A Trans-Actional Approach to Moral Development.Matthew Pamental - 2010 - Ethics and Education 5 (1):15-26.
    Among the latest trends in moral educational theory, several authors have suggested that a sociocultural approach to moral education is an improvement over the dominant cognitive-developmental and character educational paradigms. This approach draws its inspiration from the work of the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. In the 1920s, Vygotsky attempted to reconstruct psychology to overcome the false dichotomy psychologists had posited between the individual and the environment. This genre of sociocultural theory has come to be known as activity theory. Despite its (...)
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    John Dewey’s Ethics.Matthew Pamental - 2009 - Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 37 (108):38-40.
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    Pragmatism and Education (Review).Matthew Pamental - 2007 - Education and Culture 23 (2):pp. 82-85.
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    Review: Pragmatism and Education. [REVIEW]Matthew Pamental - 2007 - Education and Culture 23 (2):7.