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  1. Edmund Husserl; Philosopher of Infinite Tasks.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1973 - Northwestern University Press.
    _Winner of the 1974 National Book Award_ The product of many years of reflection on phenomenology, this book is a comprehensive and creative introduction to the philosophy of Edmund Husserl. Natanson uses Husserl's later work as a clue to the meaning of his entire intellectual career, showing how his earlier methodological work evolved into the search for transcendental roots and developed into a philosophy of the life-world. Phenomenology, for Natanson, emerges as a philosophy of origin, a transcendental discipline concerned with (...)
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  2. The Journeying Self.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1970 - Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co..
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    Literature, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1962 - The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff.
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  4. Philosophy of the Social Sciences.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1963 - New York: Random House.
  5. Literature, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences Essays in Existentialism and Phenomenology.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1962 - M. Nijhoff.
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  6. The Social Dynamics of George H. Mead.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1956 - The Hague: M. Nijhoff.
  7. Phenomenology, Role, and Reason.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1974 - Springfield, Ill., Thomas.
  8. Phenomenology and the Social Sciences.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1973 - Northwestern University Press.
  9. Phenomenology and Social Reality.Alfred Schutz & Maurice Alexander Natanson (eds.) - 1970 - The Hague: M. Nijhoff.
    Values and the scope of scientific inquiry, by M. Farber.--The phenomenology of epistemic claims: and its bearing on the essence of philosophy, by R. M. Zaner.--Problems of the Life-World, by A. Gurwitsch.--The Life-World and the particular sub-worlds, by W. Marx.--On the boundaries of the social world, by T. Luckmann.--Alfred Schutz on social reality and social science, by M. Natanson.--Homo oeconomicus and his class mates, by F. Machlup.--Toward a science of political economics, by A. Lowe.--Some notes on reality-orientation in contemporary societies, (...)
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  10. Philosophy of the Social Sciences a Reader.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1963 - Random House.
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    The Phenomenological Movement: A Historical Introduction.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1963 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 1 (1):115-124.
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    A Critique of Jean-Paul Sartre's Ontology.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1972 - The Hague: M. Nijhoff.
    This is a basic work for students specializing in philosophy & for any scholar studying the works of Sartre.
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  13. Essays in Phenomenology.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1966 - The Hague: M. Nijhoff.
  14. The Journeying Self a Study in Philosophy and Social Role.Maurice Alexander Natanson - 1970 - Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
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  15. The Prism of the Self Philosophical Essays in Honor of Maurice Natanson.Maurice Alexander Natanson & Steven Galt Crowell - 1995 -
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  16. Psychiatry and Philosophy. By Erwin W. Straus, Maurice Natanson and Henri Ey. Edited by Maurice Natanson. [Translation: Erling Eng and Stephen C. Kennedy]. --. [REVIEW]Erwin W. Straus, Maurice Alexander Natanson & Henri Ey - 1969 - Springer.