1.  29
    Assessing the Impact of Disease Vectors on Animal Populations.Mauricio Canals, Ramiro O. Bustamante, Mildred H. Ehrenfeld & Pedro E. Cattan - 1998 - Acta Biotheoretica 46 (4):337-345.
    Many studies have attempted to assess the relative effects of different vectors of a disease on animal populations. To this end, three measures have been proposed: Vectorial efficiency, Vectorial capacity and recently Vectorial effectiveness (or Vectorial impact). In this study we relate these measures to derive some of their properties emphasising in the vectorial impact for its importance in both, population performance of parasites and the proportion of the prevalence of one parasite due to a given vector. We applied the (...)
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    A Simple Geometrical Pattern for the Branching Distribution of the Bronchial Tree, Useful to Estimate Optimality Departures.Mauricio Canals, Francisco F. Novoa & Mario Rosenmann - 2004 - Acta Biotheoretica 52 (1):1-16.
    The design of the bronchial tree has largely been proposed as a model of optimal design from a physical-functional perspective. However, the distributive function of the airway may be more related to a geometrical than a physical problem. The bronchial tree must distribute a three dimensional volume of inspired air on a two dimensional alveolar surface, included in a limited volume. It is thus valid to ask whether an optimal bronchial tree from a physical perspective is also optimum from a (...)
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    Huddling Behavior as Critical Phase Transition Triggered by Low Temperatures.Mauricio Canals & Francisco Bozinovic - 2011 - Complexity 17 (1):35-43.