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    Philosophy in American Education, its Tasks and Opportunities.Brand Blanshard, Curt John Ducasse, Charles William Hendel, Arthur Edward Murphy & Max Carl Otto (eds.) - 1945 - New York and London: Harper & Brothers.
  2. In Honor of John Dewey on His Ninetieth Birthday.Max Carl Otto (ed.) - 1951 - Madison] School of Education and Dept. Of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin.
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  3. Philosophy in American Education.Max Carl Otto, Arthur Edward Murphy, Charles William Hendel, Curt John Ducasse & Brand Blanshard - 1945 - Harper & Brothers.
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    Science and the Moral Life.Max Carl Otto - 1949 - New American Library.
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    The Human Enterprise: An Attempt to Relate Philosophy to Daily Life.Max Carl Otto - 1940 - Crofts.
  6. Tools of Truth.Max Carl Otto - 1953 - Bennington College.
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    William James.Max Carl Otto (ed.) - 1942 - Madison, the University of Wisconsin Press.
    William James and Wisconsin, by G.C. Sellery.--The distinctive philosophy of William James, by M.C. Otto.--William James, man and philosopher, by D.S. Miller.--William James and psychoanalysis, by Norman Cameron.--The William James centenary dinner: Introductory remarks, by C.A. Dykstra. William James and the world today, by John Dewey, read by Carl Boegholt. William James in the American tradition, by B.H. Bode.--The Sunday service: William James as religious thinker, by J.S. Bixler.
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