1.  19
    Commentary on R. Cummins' “radical connectionism”.Stan Franklin & Max Garzon - 1988 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 26 (S1):63-65.
  2.  32
    On stability and solvability (or, when does a neural network solve a problem?).Stan Franklin & Max Garzon - 1992 - Minds and Machines 2 (1):71-83.
    The importance of the Stability Problem in neurocomputing is discussed, as well as the need for the study of infinite networks. Stability must be the key ingredient in the solution of a problem by a neural network without external intervention. Infinite discrete networks seem to be the proper objects of study for a theory of neural computability which aims at characterizing problems solvable, in principle, by a neural network. Precise definitions of such problems and their solutions are given. Some consequences (...)
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  3.  23
    Radical comments on “radical connectionism”.Max Garzon - 1988 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 26 (S1):67-72.
    The commentary is presented in three sections. Section 1 presents a brief summary of the main theses in Cummins' paper. In section 2, I argue that this analysis is not peculiar to cognition, and that in fact, a similar, more general analysis has been given [3] in fundamental areas of inquiry, hitherto independent of cognitive science. Finally, in section 3, it is argued that, if this general form of Cummins' analysis is correct, it calls for a profound re‐evaluation of our (...)
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