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    History of Cognitive Neuroscience.Maxwell R. Bennett & Peter M. S. Hacker - unknown
    History of Cognitive Neuroscience documents the major neuroscientific experiments and theories over the last century and a half in the domain of cognitive neuroscience, and evaluates the cogency of the conclusions that have been drawn from them. Provides a companion work to the highly acclaimed Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience – combining scientific detail with philosophical insights Views the evolution of brain science through the lens of its principal figures and experiments Addresses philosophical criticism of Bennett and Hacker?s previous book Accompanied (...)
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    Criminal Law as It Pertains to Patients Suffering From Psychiatric Diseases.Maxwell R. Bennett & Peter M. S. Hacker - 2011 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 8 (1):45-58.
    The McNaughton rules for determining whether a person can be successfully defended on the grounds of mental incompetence were determined by a committee of the House of Lords in 1843. They arose as a consequence of the trial of Daniel McNaughton for the killing of Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel’s secretary. In retrospect it is clear that McNaughton suffered from schizophrenia. The successful defence of McNaughton on the grounds of mental incompetence by his advocate Sir Alexander Cockburn involved a profound (...)
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  3. Andrew Adamatzky, Dynamics of Crowd-Minds: Patterns of Irrationality in Emotions, Beliefs and Actions. Singapore/London/River Edge, NJ: World Scientific, 2005, Xii+ 251 Pages; ISBN 981-256-286-9 (Hardcover). Frederick Adams and Keneth Aizawa, The Bounds of Cognition. Malden, MA/Oxford/Carlton: Blackwell Publishing, Xii+ 197 Pages; ISBN 978-1-4051-4914-3 (Hardcover). [REVIEW]Maxwell R. Bennett & Peter Michael Stephan Hacker - 2009 - Pragmatics and Cognition 17 (1):197-201.
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