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    Directed Altruistic Living Organ Donation: Partial but not Unfair.Medard T. Hilhorst - 2005 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 8 (1-2):197-215.
    Arguments against directed altruistic living organ donation are too weak to justify a ban. Potential donors who want to specify the non-related person or group of persons to receive their donated kidney should be accepted. The arguments against, based on considerations of motivation, fairness and (non-)anonymity (e.g. those recently cited by an advisory report of the Dutch Health Council), are presented and discussed, as well as the Dutch Governments response. Whereas the Government argues that individuals have authority with regard to (...)
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    Physical beauty: only skin deep?Medard T. Hilhorst - 2002 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 5 (1):11-21.
    Personal appearance and physical beauty are becoming increasingly important in our societies and, as a consequence, enter into the realm of medicine and health care. Adequate and just health care policies call for an understanding of this trend. The core question to be addressed concerns the very idea of beauty. In the following, a conceptual clarification is given in terms of beauty's meaning, value and function (i.e. beauty that is used instrumentally, and beauty that is attained). Furthermore, some relevant distinctions (...)
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    Should health care professionals encourage living kidney donation?Medard T. Hilhorst, Leonieke W. Kranenburg & Jan J. V. Busschbach - 2006 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 10 (1):81-90.
    Living kidney donation provides a promising opportunity in situations where the scarcity of cadaveric kidneys is widely acknowledged. While many patients and their relatives are willing to accept its benefits, others are concerned about living kidney programs; they appear to feel pressured into accepting living kidney transplantations as the only proper option for them. As we studied the attitudes and views of patients and their relatives, we considered just how actively health care professionals should encourage living donation. We argue that (...)
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  4. Can Healthy Care Workers Care for Their Patients and Be Advocates of Third-Party Interests?Medard T. Hilhorst - 2001 - In Rebecca Bennett & Charles A. Erin (eds.), Hiv and Aids, Testing, Screening, and Confidentiality. Clarendon Press.
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    Justification for a home-based education programme for kidney patients and their social network prior to initiation of renal replacement therapy.Emma K. Massey, Medard T. Hilhorst, Robert W. Nette, Peter Jh Smak Gregoor, Marinus A. van den Dorpel, Anthony C. van Kooij, Willij C. Zuidema, Robert Zietse, Jan Jv Busschbach & Willem Weimar - 2011 - Journal of Medical Ethics 37 (11):677-681.
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