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Profile: Melinda Hogan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  1.  93
    What is Wrong with an Atomistic Account of Mental Representation.Melinda Hogan - 1994 - Synthese 100 (2):307-27.
  2. Introspective Misidentification: An I for an I.Melinda Hogan & R. Martin - 2001 - In Andrew Brook & R. DeVidi (eds.), Self-Reference and Self-Awareness. John Benjamins.
  3.  50
    Natural Kinds and Ecological Niches — Response to Johnson's Paper.Melinda Hogan - 1992 - Biology and Philosophy 7 (2):203-208.
  4.  21
    Kant and the Mind.Melinda Hogan - 1996 - Review of Metaphysics 49 (4):915-916.
  5.  14
    Naturalizing the Mind.Melinda Hogan - 1997 - Review of Metaphysics 51 (2):414-415.
  6.  3
    Refereeing in 1993.Melinda Hogan, Garry W. Trompf & Douglas Kellner - 1996 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 26 (4):573.
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  7. Brute Error Without Sinn: Identity Claims in the Phaedo and in Frege.Melinda Hogan - 2003 - In Naomi Reshotko (ed.), Desire, Identity, and Existence: Essays in Honor of T.M. Penner.
    There is a parallel between Plato's argument for the forms at 74b7-c5 in the Phaedo and Frege's argument for the claim that proper names express senses. There is also, I claim, an important asymmetry. The asymmetry explains why it is consistent to accept the conclusion of the Phaedo argument without accepting the conclusion of Frege's argument. The Phaedo argument turns on the possibility of a specific kind of mistaken judgement that may be termed "brute error". Frege's argument does not so (...)
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  8. Dan Lloyd, Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness Reviewed By.Melinda Hogan - 2005 - Philosophy in Review 25 (1):49-53.
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  9. Dan Lloyd, Radiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness. [REVIEW]Melinda Hogan - 2005 - Philosophy in Review 25:49-53.
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