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    The Effects of Feature-Label-Order and Their Implications for Symbolic Learning.Michael Ramscar, Daniel Yarlett, Melody Dye, Katie Denny & Kirsten Thorpe - 2010 - Cognitive Science 34 (6):909-957.
    Symbols enable people to organize and communicate about the world. However, the ways in which symbolic knowledge is learned and then represented in the mind are poorly understood. We present a formal analysis of symbolic learning—in particular, word learning—in terms of prediction and cue competition, and we consider two possible ways in which symbols might be learned: by learning to predict a label from the features of objects and events in the world, and by learning to predict features from a (...)
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  2. The feature-label-order effect in symbolic learning.Michael Ramscar, Daniel Yarlett, Melody Dye & Nal Kalchbrenner - 2010 - Cognitive Science 34 (7).
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    Alternative Solutions to a Language Design Problem: The Role of Adjectives and Gender Marking in Efficient Communication.Melody Dye, Petar Milin, Richard Futrell & Michael Ramscar - 2018 - Topics in Cognitive Science 10 (1):209-224.
    A central goal of typological research is to characterize linguistic features in terms of both their functional role and their fit to social and cognitive systems. One long-standing puzzle concerns why certain languages employ grammatical gender. In an information theoretic analysis of German noun classification, Dye, Milin, Futrell, and Ramscar enumerated a number of important processing advantages gender confers. Yet this raises a further puzzle: If gender systems are so beneficial to processing, what does this mean for languages that make (...)
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    Grammatical number processing and anticipatory eye movements are not tightly coordinated in English spoken language comprehension.Brian Riordan, Melody Dye & Michael N. Jones - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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