Melvin C. Fitting [3]Melvin Chris Fitting [2]
  1. Many-valued modal logics.Melvin C. Fitting - unknown
    Two families of many-valued modal logics are investigated. Semantically, one family is characterized using Kripke models that allow formulas to take values in a finite many-valued logic, at each possible world. The second family generalizes this to allow the accessibility relation between worlds also to be many-valued. Gentzen sequent calculi are given for both versions, and soundness and completeness are established.
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  2. Well-Founded Semantics, Generalized.Melvin C. Fitting - unknown
    Classical fixpoint semantics for logic programs is based on the TP immediate consequence operator. The Kripke/Kleene, three-valued, semantics uses ΦP, which extends TP to Kleene’s strong three-valued logic. Both these approaches generalize to cover logic programming systems based on a wide class of logics, provided only that the underlying structure be that of a bilattice. This was presented in earlier papers. Recently well-founded semantics has become influential for classical logic programs. We show how the well-founded approach also extends naturally to (...)
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    An axiomatic approach to computers.Melvin C. Fitting - 1979 - Theoria 45 (3):97-113.
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