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Michael Blamauer
University of Vienna
  1. The Role of Subjectivity in the Continuity-Argument for Panpsychism.Michael Blamauer - 2013 - Polish Journal of Philosophy 7 (1):7-18.
    The Principle of Continuity is a major premise in what can be called the “Continuity-Argument for Panpsychism” : If we, as complex conscious organisms, are the evolutionary products of originally inorganic components and processes, and consciousness is a metaphysically irreducible feature, thenconsciousness must have already been a feature of these fundamental components, assuming there is continuity between the inorganic and the organic. This argument faces one serious objection, based on the possible vagueness of consciousness: If consciousness is a feature of (...)
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  2. Panpsychism Without Subjectivity? A Brief Commentary on Sam Coleman's 'Mental Chemistry' and 'The Real Combination Problem'.Michael Blamauer - 2013 - Panpsychism Without Subjectivity? A Brief Commentary on Sam Coleman’s ‘Mental Chemistry’ and ‘the Real Combination Problem’ (Online First).
    Blamauer, Michael_Panpsychism without Subjectivity (Online First).
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    Is the Panpsychist Better Off as an Idealist? Some Leibnizian Remarks on Consciousness and Composition.Michael Blamauer - 2011 - Eidos: Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad Del Norte 15:48-75.
    Some philosophers of mind have argued for considering consciousness as a further fundamental feature of reality in addition to its physical properties. Hence most of them are property dualists. But some of them are panpsychists. In the present paper it will be argued that being a real property dualist essentially entails being a panpsychist. Even if panpsychism deals rather elegantly with certain problems of the puzzle of consciousness, there’s no way around the composition problem. Adhering to the fundamentality claim of (...)
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  4. Schelling’s Real Materialism.Michael Blamauer - 2012 - Minerva - An Internet Journal of Philosophy 16:1-24.
    In this paper, some of Schelling’s core ideas on consciousness and nature are investigated with the aim ofemphasizing their historical and systematic relevance to the current discussion on consciousness andpanpsychism. The focus is on the reasons and consequences of Schelling’s “turn” from his early Fichteanidealism to the “real materialism” of his later Identity Philosophy. It is shown that Schelling’s way of copingwith the ontological problems of the emergence of consciousness from a natural basis is by all meanscomparable to current panpsychist (...)
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  5. The Mental as Fundamental. New Perspectives on Panpsychism.Michael Blamauer (ed.) - 2011