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    Observing one’s hand become anarchic: An fMRI study of action identification.Dirk T. Leube, Günther Knoblich, Michael Erb & Tilo T. J. Kircher - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12 (4):597-608.
    The self seems to be a unitary entity remaining stable across time. Nevertheless, current theorizing conceptualizes the self as a number of interacting sub-systems involving perception, intention and action (self-model). One important function of such a self-model is to distinguish between events occurring as a result of one's own actions and events occurring as the result of somebody else's actions. We conducted an fMRI experiment that compared brain activation after an abrupt mismatch between one's own movement and its visual consequences (...)
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    Parietal somatosensory association cortex mediates affective blindsight.Silke Anders, Niels Birbaumer, Bettina Sadowski, Michael Erb, Irina Mader, Wolfgang Grodd & Martin Lotze - 2004 - Nature Neuroscience 7 (4):339-340.
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    Non-verbal emotion communication training induces specific changes in brain function and structure.Benjamin Kreifelts, Heike Jacob, Carolin Brück, Michael Erb, Thomas Ethofer & Dirk Wildgruber - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.