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    Automatic for the People? Cybernetics and Left‐Accelerationism.Michael E. Gardiner - forthcoming - Constellations.
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    Alterity and Ethics.Michael Gardiner - 1996 - Theory, Culture and Society 13 (2):121-143.
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    Bakhtin and the ‘General Intellect’.Michael E. Gardiner - 2017 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 49 (9):893-908.
    One of the key concepts in autonomist Marxism is the ‘general intellect’. As capitalism develops, labour and its products become increasingly ‘immaterial’, inasmuch as the physical side of production is taken over by automated systems. The result is that all aspects of the collective worker's affective, desiring and cognitive capabilities are now brought to bear on production itself. This problematises capitalistic notions of proprietary control, because it raises the possibility that the mass ‘cognitive worker’, and the inherently co-operative principles it (...)
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    Marxism and the Convergence of Utopia and the Everyday.Michael E. Gardiner - 2006 - History of the Human Sciences 19 (3):1-32.
    The relationship of Marxist thought to the phenomena of everyday life and utopia, both separately and in terms of their intersection, is a complex and often ambiguous one. In this article, I seek to trace some of the theoretical filiations of a critical Marxist approach to their convergence (as stemming mainly from a Central European tradition), in order to tease out some of the more significant ambivalences and semantic shifts involved in its theorization. This lineage originates in the work of (...)
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  5. Foucault, Ethics and Dialogue.Michael Gardiner - 1996 - History of the Human Sciences 9 (3):27-46.
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    Ecology and Carnival: Traces of a “Green” Social Theory in the Writings of M. M. Bakhtin. [REVIEW]Michael Gardiner - 1993 - Theory and Society 22 (6):765-812.
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    [Book Review] the Dialogics of Critique, Mm Bakhtin and the Theory of Ideology. [REVIEW]Michael Gardiner - 1994 - Science and Society 58 (2):203-204.
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    Reviews : Steven Connor, Theory and Cultural Value. Oxford: Blackwell Pub Lishers, 1992. £35.00, Paper £12.95, X + 275 Pp. [REVIEW]Michael Gardiner - 1993 - History of the Human Sciences 6 (2):135-138.
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    Critiques of Everyday Life.Michael Gardiner - 2000 - Routledge.
    Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning interest in the study of everyday life within the social sciences and humanities. In Critiques of Everyday Life Michael Gardiner proposes that there exists a counter-tradition within everyday life theorizing.
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    Post-Romantic Irony in Bakhtin and Lefebvre.Michael E. Gardiner - 2012 - History of the Human Sciences 25 (3):51-69.
    Although several writers have noted significant complementary features in the respective projects of Russian philosopher and cultural theorist Mikhail Bakhtin (1895–1975) and the French social thinker Henri Lefebvre (1901–91), to date there has not been a systematic comparison of them. This article seeks to redress this oversight, by exploring some of the more intriguing of these conceptual dovetailings: first, their relationship to the intellectual and cultural legacy of Romanticism; and second, their respective assessments of irony (including Romantic irony), and, more (...)
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    Bookchin: A Critical Appraisal (Review).Michael E. Gardiner - 2010 - Utopian Studies 21 (1):191-197.
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    Assembling (Post)Modernism.Michael Gardiner - 1999 - Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale 3 (1):130-133.
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    Bakhtin in the Fullness of Time: Bakhtinian Theory and the Process of Social Education.Craig Brandist, Michael E. Gardiner, Jayne White & Carl Mika - 2017 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 49 (9):849-853.
  14. Bakhtin and the Metaphorics of Perception.Michael Gardiner - 1999 - In Ian Heywood & Barry Sandywell (eds.), Interpreting Visual Culture: Explorations in the Hermeneutics of the Visual. Routledge. pp. 57--7.
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  15. Self and Circumstance: A Note on Wopko Jensma's Poetry.Michael Gardiner - forthcoming - Theoria.
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  16. Comparative Political Theory and Cross-Cultural Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Hwa Yol Jung.Hwa Yol Jung, Fred R. Dallmayr, Calvin O. Schrag, Norman K. Swazo, Kah Kyung Cho, Hwa Yol, Zhang Longxi, Yong Huang, Youngmin Kim, Michael Gardiner, John Francis Burke, Herbert Reid, Betsy Taylor, Patrick D. Murphy, Alice N. Benston, Kimberly W. Benston, Jeffrey Ethan Lee & John O'Neill - 2009 - Lexington Books.
    Comparative Political Theory and Cross-Cultural Philosophy explores new forms of philosophizing in the age of globalization by challenging the conventional border between the East and the West, as well as the traditional boundaries among different academic disciplines. This rich investigation demonstrates the importance of cross-cultural thinking in our reading of philosophical texts and explores how cross-cultural thinking transforms our understanding of the traditional philosophical paradigm.
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