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    Early Origins of Modern Birds and Mammals: Molecules Vs. Morphology.Michael J. Benton - 1999 - Bioessays 21 (12):1043-1051.
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    Congruence of Morphological and Molecular Phylogenies.Davide Pisani, Michael J. Benton & Mark Wilkinson - 2007 - Acta Biotheoretica 55 (3):269-281.
    When phylogenetic trees constructed from morphological and molecular evidence disagree (i.e. are incongruent) it has been suggested that the differences are spurious or that the molecular results should be preferred a priori. Comparing trees can increase confidence (congruence), or demonstrate that at least one tree is incorrect (incongruence). Statistical analyses of 181 molecular and 49 morphological trees shows that incongruence is greater between than within the morphological and molecular partitions, and this difference is significant for the molecular partition. Because the (...)
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    Reply to Easteal.Michael J. Benton - 1999 - Bioessays 21 (12):1059-1059.