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    Brain-Injured Footballers, Voluntary Choice and Social Goods. A Reply to Corlett.Francisco Javier Lopez Frias & Michael John McNamee - 2019 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 14 (2):269-278.
    In this essay, we respond to Angelo Corlett’s criticism of our paper ‘Ethics, Brain Injuries, and Sports: Prohibition, Reform, and Prudence’. To do so, first, we revisit certain assumptions and arg...
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    Ethics Audits and Corporate Governance: The Case of Public Sector Sports Organizations.Michael John McNamee & Scott Fleming - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 73 (4):425-437.
    This article presents a theorized and conceptually informed method for the undertaking of an ethics audit organization. At an operational level, the overall integrity of an organization, it is argued, may be evaluated through the application of a conceptual frame-work that embraces the inter-related themes of individual responsibility, social equity and political responsibility. Finally, a method is presented for ethics audit which was developed in the auditing of a national public sector sports organization: sportscotland. This emphasizes the significance of key (...)
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    Nursing Schadenfreude: The Culpability of Emotional Construction.Michael John McNamee - 2007 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 10 (3):289-299.
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of Schadenfreude - the pleasure felt at another’s misfortune - and to argue that feeling it in the course of health care work, as elsewhere, is evidence of a deficient character. In order to show that Schadenfreude is an objectionable emotion in health care work, I first offer some conceptual remarks about emotions generally and their differential treatment in Kantian and Aristotelian thought. Second, I argue that an appreciation of the (...)
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