Michael Kagan [3]Michael Alan Kagan [2]Michael A. Kagan [1]
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    Aristotelian Dialectic.H. Hamner Hill & Michael Kagan - 1995 - Informal Logic 17 (1).
    "Aristotelian Dialectic" is a dialogue between two persons, T and Q, concerning Aristotle's views on the nature of dialectic and rhetoric and also on the role of dialectic and rhetoric in modern education. T advances two theses: that Aristotle views dialectic and rhetoric as intellectual martial arts. to be used to combat the sophists; and that these arts form the basis of Homeric education. T defends this view by examining what Aristotle has to say in the Topics, The Sophistical Refutations, (...)
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  2. Educating Heroes: The Implications of Ernest Becker's Depth Psychology of Heroism for Philosophy of Education.Michael Alan Kagan - 1994 - Hollowbrook.
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    Examining Scriptural Authority with Saadia.Michael Kagan - 1991 - Teaching Philosophy 14 (3):283-293.