1.  49
    International Law and the Search for Universal Principles in Journalism Ethics.Michael Perkins - 2002 - Journal of Mass Media Ethics 17 (3):193 – 208.
    International human rights law that protects freedom of the press provides a cross-culturally reliable foundation from which to launch a consideration of universal principles in journalism ethics. After examining certain assumptions made by the international law about individuals and about the kind of journalism the law intends to protect, in this article I propose that truthtelling, independence, and freedom with responsibility are universal ethical principles international law envisions for journalists. These principles would undoubtedly be applied differentially in different cultures, but (...)
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    Self-Subverting Principles of Choice.Michael Perkins & Donald C. Hubin - 1986 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 16 (1):1 - 10.
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    Witness for the Plaintiff: Ethical Considerations of Being a Libel Plaintiff's Expert Witness.Michael Perkins - 1997 - Journal of Mass Media Ethics 12 (2):69 – 81.
    This article argues that a potential expert witness's decision about testifying for a libel plaintif should not be driven by an unexamined loyalty to journalists, to the press, or to broad principles of expression. Real harm done to a plaintif by libel and the advantage to the press corps and to the system of expression of having a knowledgeable expert testihing for a libel plaintif are discussed as factors that might outweigh the traditional loyalties. An ethical framework is offered to (...)
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