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Michael R. Baumer [9]Michael Robert Baumer [1]
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    Possible Worlds and Duns Scotus’ Proof for the Existence of God.Michael R. Baumer - 1980 - New Scholasticism 54 (2):182-188.
  2. Chasing Aristotle’s Categories Down the Tree of Grammar.Michael R. Baumer - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Research 18:341-449.
    This paper addresses the problem of the origin and principle of Aristotle’s distinctions among the categories. It explores the possibilities of reformulating and reviving the “grammatical” theory, generally ascribed first to Trendelenburg. The paper brings two new perspectives to the grammatical theory: that of Aristotle’s own theory of syntax and that of contemporary linguistic syntax and semantics. I put forth a provisional theory of Aristotle’s categories in which (1) I propose that the Categories sets forth a theory of lexical structure, (...)
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    Whitehead and Aquinas on the Eternity of God.Michael R. Baumer - 1984 - Modern Schoolman 62 (1):27-41.
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    Sketch for a Modal Interpretation of Descartes' Cogito.Michael R. Baumer - 1985 - Philosophy Research Archives 11:635-655.
    In his logical exegesis of Descartes’ cogito, Hintikka has claimed that, formulated as an inference, it would be question--begging and that it is best understood as a performance, But (1), Hintikka’s discussion of an inferential interpretation omits reference to the possible relevance ofmodalities, and (2), Hintikka assumes that to beg the question is to assume what one is trying to prove. Question-begging is better understood in terms of how evident the premisses are in relation to the conclusion. In this paper (...)
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    The Role of “Inevitability at Time T” in Aquinas’ Solution to the Problem of Future Contingents.Michael R. Baumer - 1979 - New Scholasticism 53 (2):147-167.
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    God and Creatures.Michael R. Baumer - 1977 - New Scholasticism 51 (4):564-565.