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    The Musical Work: Reality or Invention?Michael Talbot (ed.) - 2000 - Liverpool University Press.
    Like literature and art, music has "works". But not every piece of music is called a work, and not every musical performance is made up of works. The complexities of this situation are explored in these essays, which examine a broad swathe of western music. From plainsong to the symphony, from Duke Ellington to the Beatles, this is at root an investigation into how our minds parcel up the music that we create and hear.
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  2. Mysticism and the New Physics.Michael Talbot - 1992 - Arkana.
  3. Beyond the Quantum.Michael Talbot - 1986 - Bantam Books.
    Quantum mechanics describes a universe with physical properties that run completely contrary to everyday experience and intuition. These strange properties cause some people to seek equally strange philosophical theories to explain them. Talbot attempts to link the physical theories with some non-physical experimental results. The latter are, if true, disturbing and fascinating. Among the subjects explored are poltergeists, the possibility of instantaneous communication across great distances, and the nature of the mind and consciousness. This is an interesting combination of physics, (...)
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