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    Virtual morality: transitioning from moral judgment to moral action?Kathryn B. Francis, Charles Howard, Ian S. Howard, Michaela Gummerum, Giorgio Ganis, Grace Anderson & Sylvia Terbeck - unknown
    The nature of moral action versus moral judgment has been extensively debated in numerous disciplines. We introduce Virtual Reality (VR) moral paradigms examining the action individuals take in a high emotionally arousing, direct action-focused, moral scenario. In two studies involving qualitatively different populations, we found a greater endorsement of utilitarian responses–killing one in order to save many others–when action was required in moral virtual dilemmas compared to their judgment counterparts. Heart rate in virtual moral dilemmas was significantly increased when compared (...)
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    Virtual morality in the helping professions: simulated action and resilience.Kathryn B. Francis, Michaela Gummerum, Giorgio Ganis, Ian S. Howard & Sylvia Terbeck - 2018 - British Journal of Psychology 109 (3):442-465.
    Recent advances in virtual technologies have allowed the investigation of simulated moral actions in aversive moral dilemmas. Previous studies have employed diverse populations in order to explore these actions, with little research considering the significance of occupation on moral decision-making. For the first time, in this study we have investigated simulated moral actions in Virtual Reality made by professionally trained paramedics and fire service incident commanders who are frequently faced with and must respond to moral dilemmas. We found that specially (...)
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    Outcomes and intentions in children’s, adolescents’, and adults’ second- and third-party punishment behavior.Michaela Gummerum & Maria T. Chu - 2014 - Cognition 133 (1):97-103.
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    Coronashaming: interpersonal affect worsening in contexts of COVID-19 rule violations.Belén López-Pérez, Yaniv Hanoch & Michaela Gummerum - 2022 - Cognition and Emotion 36 (1):106-119.
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