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    The Boundaries of Development.Thomas Pradeu, Lucie Laplane, Michel Morange, Antonine Nicoglou & Michel Vervoort - 2011 - Biological Theory 6 (1):1 - 3.
    This special issue of Biological Theory is focused on development; it raises the problem of the temporal and spatial boundaries of development. From a temporal point of view, when does development start and stop? From a spatial point of view, what is it exactly that "develops", and is it possible to delineate clearly the developing entity? This issue explores the possible answers to these questions, and thus sheds light on the definition of development itself.
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    Regeneration and Development in Animals.Michel Vervoort - 2011 - Biological Theory 6 (1):25-35.
    Regeneration capabilities are found in most or all animals. Whether regeneration is part of the development of an animal or a distinct phenomenon independent of development is a debatable question. If we consider regeneration as a process belonging to development, similarly to embryogenesis or metamorphosis, the existence of regenerative capabilities in adults can be seen as an argument in favor of the theory that development continues throughout the life of animals. Here I perform a comparative analysis of regeneration versus “classical” (...)
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    Defining "Development".Thomas Pradeu, Lucie Laplane, Karine Prévot, Thierry Hoquet, Valentine Reynaud, Giuseppe Fusco, Alessandro Minelli, Virginie Orgogozo & Michel Vervoort - unknown
    Is it possible, and in the first place is it even desirable, to define what "development" means and to determine the scope of the field called "developmental biology"? Though these questions appeared crucial for the founders of "developmental biology" in the 1950s, there seems to be no consensus today about the need to address them. Here, in a combined biological, philosophical, and historical approach, we ask whether it is possible and useful to define biological development, and, if such a definition (...)
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    Functional Evolution of Hox Proteins in Arthropods.Michel Vervoort - 2002 - Bioessays 24 (9):775-779.
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    Hedgehog and Wing Development in Drosophila: A Morphogen at Work?Michel Vervoort - 2000 - Bioessays 22 (5):460-468.
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