1. Enhanced perception in savant syndrome: patterns, structure, and creativity.Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson & Isabelle Soulieres - 2010 - In Francesca Happé & Uta Frith (eds.), Autism and Talent. Oup/the Royal Society.
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    Autistics appear different, but also are different, and this should be valued.Michelle Dawson & Tyler Cowen - 2019 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42.
    We agree that autistics’ unusual overt behaviors don't necessarily mean reduced social motivation. But Jaswal & Akhtar maintain that, while autistics may appear socially uninterested, their social interest is in fact typical and indeed must be to avoid multiple poor outcomes. This problematic idealization of social typicality deflects attention from important differences in autistic cognition and interests, which should be valued.
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  3. What does the Turing test really mean? And how many human beings (including Turing) could pass?Tyler Cowen & Michelle Dawson - unknown
    The so-called Turing test, as it is usually interpreted, sets a benchmark standard for determining when we might call a machine intelligent. We can call a machine intelligent if the following is satisfied: if a group of wise observers were conversing with a machine through an exchange of typed messages, those observers could not tell whether they were talking to a human being or to a machine. To pass the test, the machine has to be intelligent but it also should (...)
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