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  1. Kant's Doctrine of Transcendental Illusion.Michelle Grier - 2001 - Cambridge University Press.
    This major study of Kant provides a detailed examination of the development and function of the doctrine of transcendental illusion in his theoretical philosophy. The author shows that a theory of 'illusion' plays a central role in Kant's arguments about metaphysical speculation and scientific theory. Indeed, she argues that we cannot understand Kant unless we take seriously his claim that the mind inevitably acts in accordance with ideas and principles that are 'illusory'. Taking this claim seriously, we can make much (...)
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    Kant: A Biography.Michelle Grier - 2004 - Mind 113 (450):365-368.
    This is the first full-length biography in more than fifty years of Immanuel Kant, one of the giants amongst the pantheon of Western philosophers as well as the one with the most powerful and broad influence on contemporary philosophy. It is well known that Kant spent his entire life in an isolated part of Prussia living the life of a typical university professor. This has given rise to the view that Kant was a pure thinker with no life of his (...)
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    Possible Experience: Understanding Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. [REVIEW]Michelle Grier - 2001 - Philosophical Review 110 (1):135-137.
    The central thesis of this book is clear. According to Collins, Kant is not an idealist of any sort. Kant is not an idealist, on Collins’s view, because he neither denies the existence of a non-mental reality nor claims that we cannot be sure that there is any non-mental reality. Because Kant explicitly criticizes both dogmatic and problematic forms of idealism, Collins concludes that the appellation “idealist” is altogether improperly ascribed to Kant. One might ask straightaway whether there might not (...)
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  4. Kant's critique of metaphysics.Michelle Grier - 2008 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  5. The ideal of pure reason.Michelle Grier - 2010 - In Paul Guyer (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Cambridge University Press.
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    Kant on the Illusion of a Systematic Unity of Knowledge.Michelle Grier - 1997 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 14 (1):1 - 28.
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    Illusion and Fallacy in Kant’s First Paralogism.Michelle Gilmore Grier - 1993 - Kant Studien 84 (3):257-282.
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    Kant's Rejection of Rational Theology.Michelle Grier - 1995 - Proceedings of the Eighth International Kant Congress 2:641-650.
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    Revolutionary versus Traditionalist Approaches to Kant: Some Aspects of the Debate.Sorin Baiasu & Michelle Grier - 2011 - Kantian Review 16 (2):161-173.
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    Review: Kuehn, Kant: A biography[REVIEW]Michelle Grier - 2004 - Mind 113 (450):365-369.
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    Transcendental illusion and transcendental realism in Kant's second antinomy.Michelle Grier - 1998 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 6 (1):47 – 70.
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    The Revolutionary Interpretation of the Analytic of Concepts.Michelle Grier - 2011 - Kantian Review 16 (2):191-200.
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    Kant’s Methodology: An Essay in Philosophical Archeology.Michelle Grier - 1997 - Review of Metaphysics 51 (1):135-135.
    The title of this book is somewhat misleading. It is not a straightforward text on Kant’s methodology. Rather, the author uses Kant’s methods of analysis and synthesis as a backdrop in order to “complete the task where Kant left off”. The “task” is varyingly described by the author as that of leading us back to the “engendering archê” or the “originary”. This journey back to the originary will presumably allow us to explain the “world’s worlding”. The book draws on a (...)
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    The comically infinite man.Michelle Grier - 2007 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 50 (1):95 – 102.
    A long time ago, I procured a little book edited by Soren Kierkegaard entitled The Sickness Unto Death (1849). What is more, I read it. (I must confess to having been first attracted to it solely by its title). For and as a tribute to Alastair Hannay I was inspired to set down in print this brief (altogether too brief, philosophically speaking) and unsystematic reflection. What struck me most palpably was the suggestion that, although our worldly endeavors and thus our (...)
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    Possible Experience. [REVIEW]Michelle Grier - 2001 - Philosophical Review 110 (1):135-137.
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