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    A Network Approach for Distinguishing Ethical Issues in Research and Development.Sjoerd D. Zwart, Ibo van de Poel, Harald van Mil & Michiel Brumsen - 2006 - Science and Engineering Ethics 12 (4):663-684.
    In this paper we report on our experiences with using network analysis to discern and analyse ethical issues in research into, and the development of, a new wastewater treatment technology. Using network analysis, we preliminarily interpreted some of our observations in a Group Decision Room session where we invited important stakeholders to think about the risks of this new technology. We show how a network approach is useful for understanding the observations, and suggests some relevant ethical issues. We argue that (...)
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    A Special Section on Research in Engineering Ethics Towards a Research Programme for Ethics and Technology.Michiel Brumsen & Ibo van de Poel - 2001 - Science and Engineering Ethics 7 (3):365-378.
    In this editorial contribution, two issues relevant to the question, what should be at the top of the research agenda for ethics and technology, are identified and discussed. Firstly: can, and do, engineers make a difference to the degree to which technology leads to morally desirable outcomes? What role does professional autonomy play here, and what are its limits? And secondly, what should be the scope of engineers’ responsibility; that is to say, on which issues are they, as engineers, morally (...)
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    Introduction.Michiel Brumsen & Sabine Roeser - 2004 - Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 8 (1):1-9.