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Miguel Garcia-Godinez
University College, Cork
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    What Are Institutional Groups?Miguel Garcia-Godinez - 2020 - In Miguel Garcia-Godinez, Rachael Mellin & Raimo Tuomela (eds.), Social Ontology, Normativity and Law. Berlin: De Gruyter. pp. 39-62.
    Following Tuomela, I argue that institutions consist in institutional activities conducive to the realisation (or “satisfaction”) of institutional activity types. Since this realisation is carried out by institutional groups, our having an answer to 'what are institutional groups?' is a necessary step towards a better understanding of what institutions are and how we create them. In this chapter, I offer an answer to this question.
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    The Institutionalisation of the Basic Validity Rule.Miguel Garcia-Godinez - forthcoming - Law and Philosophy:1-30.
    In a recent contribution to legal ontology, Kenneth Ehrenberg identifies a puzzle concerning the basic validity rule of legal systems: If formal institutions require a codified foundational constitutive rule, then legal systems cannot be formal institutions, since their foundational constitutive rule is necessarily an uncodified basic validity rule. To solve this puzzle, Ehrenberg suggests taking this rule as ‘a foundational and self-identifying institutional fact’. Here, I challenge his solution and the very existence of this puzzle. By arguing, contra Ehrenberg, that (...)
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    Flaws and Virtues of An Artifact Theory of Law.Miguel Angel Garcia-Godinez - 2019 - Ratio Juris 32 (1):117-131.
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  4. Asimetría constitucional y los límites del balanceo. Una nota crítica a la postura de Matthias Klatt.Miguel Garcia-Godinez - forthcoming - In Diana Gonzalez & Ruben Sanchez (eds.), El test de proporcionalidad, convergencias y divergencias. Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico:
  5. Conflictos entre derechos. Ensayos desde la filosofía práctica.Miguel Garcia-Godinez & Diana Gonzalez (eds.) - 2019 - Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico: CEC_SCJN.
  6. Derechos y conflictos entre derechos. Un análisis metafísico.Miguel Garcia-Godinez - 2019 - In Miguel Garcia-Godinez & Diana Gonzalez (eds.), Conflictos entre derechos. Ensayos desde la filosofía práctica. Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico: pp. 63-99.
  7. El lugar de la lógica en el razonamiento jurídico.Miguel Garcia-Godinez - 2019 - In Gerardo Ramirez & Manuel Jimenez (eds.), Ensayos de retórica jurídica. Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico: pp. 171-180.
  8.  2
    Los criterios de la corrección en la teoría del razonamientos jurídico de Neil MacCormick.Miguel Garcia-Godinez - 2017 - Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico: CEC-SCJN.
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    Social Ontology, Normativity and Law.Rachael Mellin, Raimo Tuomela & Miguel Garcia-Godinez (eds.) - 2020 - Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter.
    This volume contains the proceedings of the Social Ontology, Normativity, and Philosophy of Law conference, which took place on May 30–31, 2019 at the University of Glasgow. At the invitation of the Social Ontology Research Group, a panel of prominent scholars shed light on a range of key topics within social ontology, normativity, and philosophy of law from an interdisciplinary perspective.
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