1. Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Space and Time, and Other Pseudo-Notions in Cosmology.Gabriel Vacariu & Mihai Vacariu - 2016 - Datagroup on Amazon now.
    Dark matter and dark energy. Two notions that have troubled cosmologists for a long time. Why? Because they don’t have a “satisfactory” definition, and nobody can identify the “matter” or “forces” that govern them. Currently, we can only deduce the existence of these two notions from the strange movement of the galaxies and the manner they move away from one another, with increasing speed. However, these are not the only mysteries that cosmology cannot yet explain. What happened before the Big (...)
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  2. Introduction.Gabriel Vacariu & Mihai Vacariu - 2013 - Philosophia Scientiae 17 (2):1-2.
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    Troubles with Cognitive Neuroscience.Gabriel Vacariu & Mihai Vacariu - 2013 - Philosophia Scientae 17:151-170.
    This special issue is dedicated to one of the oldest and most controversial philosophical topics, the mind–body problem. Paradoxically, since Descartes until the present days, nobody has proposed a viable solution to this problem. In the last decades, through the unification of neuroscience and psychology, a new science, cognitive neuroscience, was created to deal with this problem. Using EEG, fMRI, and other apparatus, scientists try to grasp the “correlations” between any mental state and some neural patterns of activation. Articles and (...)
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