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    Singular Propositions, Negation and the Square of Opposition.Lopamudra Choudhury & Mihir Kumar Chakraborty - 2016 - Logica Universalis 10 (2-3):215-231.
    This paper contains two traditions of diagrammatic studies namely one, the Euler–Venn–Peirce diagram and the other, following tradition of Aristotle, the square of oppositions. We put together both the traditions to study representations of singular propositions, their negations and the inter relationship between the two. Along with classical negation we have incorporated negation of another kind viz. absence. We have also considered the changes that take place in the context of open universe.
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    Theory of Graded Consequence: A General Framework for Logics of Uncertainty.Mihir Kumar Chakraborty & Soma Dutta - 2019 - Springer Singapore.
    This book introduces the theory of graded consequence and its mathematical formulation. It also compares the notion of graded consequence with other notions of consequence in fuzzy logics, and discusses possible applications of the theory in approximate reasoning and decision-support systems. One of the main points where this book emphasizes on is that GCT maintains the distinction between the three different levels of languages of a logic, namely object language, metalanguage and metametalanguage, and thus avoids the problem of violation of (...)
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    Logic and truth : Some logics without theorems.Jayanta Sen & Mihir Kumar Chakraborty - 2008 - Studia Philosophica Estonica 1 (1):104-117.
    Two types of logical consequence are compared: one, with respect to matrix and designated elements and the other with respect to ordering in a suitable algebraic structure. Particular emphasis is laid on algebraic structures in which there is no top-element relative to the ordering. The significance of this special condition is discussed. Sequent calculi for a number of such structures are developed. As a consequence it is re-established that the notion of truth as such, not to speak of tautologies, is (...)
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