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Mikael M. Karlsson [10]Mikael Karlsson [1]
  1. Epistemic Leaks and Epistemic Meltdowns: A Response to William Morris on Scepticism with Regard to Reason.Mikael M. Karlsson - 1990 - Hume Studies 16 (2):121-130.
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    Agency and Patiency: Back to Nature?Mikael M. Karlsson - 2002 - Philosophical Explorations 5 (1):59 – 81.
    The distinction between acting and suffering underlies any theory of agency. Among contemporary writers, Fred Dretske is one of the few who has attempted to explicate this distinction without restricting the notion of action to intentional action alone. Aristotle also developed a global account of agency, one which is deeper and more detailed than Dretske's, and it is to Aristotle's account (with some modifications) that the bulk of this paper is devoted. Dretske's sketchier theory faces at least two ground-level problems. (...)
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    Defeating the Inference From General to Particular Norms.Mikael M. Karlsson - 1995 - Ratio Juris 8 (3):271-286.
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    Cognition, Desire and Motivation: “Humean” and “Non-Humean” Considerations.Mikael M. Karlsson - 2001 - SATS 2 (2).
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    Ethics of Sustainable Development – a Study of Swedish Regulations for Genetically Modified Organisms.Mikael Karlsson - 2003 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 16 (1):51-62.
    In spite of stricter provisions inthe new EU directive on deliberate release ofgenetically modified organisms (GMOs), criticsstill advocate a moratorium on permits forcultivation of GMOs. However, in an attempt tomeet concerns raised by the public, thedirective explicitly gives Member States thepossibility to take into consideration ethicalaspects of GMOs in the decision-making. Thisarticle investigates the potential effects ofsuch formulation by means of an empiricalanalysis of experiences gained the last yearsfrom similar Swedish regulations for GMOs,aiming at promoting sustainable development.The faulty implementation shown (...)
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    Rational Ends: Humean and Non-Humean Considerations.Mikael M. Karlsson - 2000 - SATS 1 (2).
  7. A Philosopher in Ultima Thule: Interview with WVO Quine.Mikael M. Karlsson - 1997 - Epistemologia 20 (2):211-230.
  8. Law, Justice and the State: Essays on Justice and Rights: Proceedings of the 16th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Ivr), Reykjavík, 26 May-2 June, 1993. [REVIEW]Aleksander Peczenik & Mikael M. Karlsson (eds.) - 1995 - F. Steiner Verlag.
  9. Recht, Gerechtigkeit Und der Staat Studien Zu Gerechtigkeit, Demokratie, Nationalität, Nationalen Staaten Und Supranationalen Staaten Aus der Perspektive der Rechtstheorie, der Sozialphilosophie Und der Sozialwissenschaften = Law, Justice, and the State : Studies in Justice, Democracy, Nationality, National States, and Supra-National States From the Standpoints of Legal Theory, Social Philosophy, and Social Science.World Congress on Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Mikael M. Karlsson, Ólafur Páll Jónsson & Eyja Margrét Brynjarsdóttir - 1997
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