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    Predictive validity of the N2 and P3 ERP components to executive functioning in children: a latent-variable analysis.Christopher R. Brydges, Allison M. Fox, Corinne L. Reid & Mike Anderson - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Biology and intelligence: the race/IQ controversy.Mike Anderson - 2007 - In Sergio Della Sala (ed.), Tall Tales About the Mind and Brain: Separating Fact From Fiction. Oxford University Press. pp. 123.
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    The science of life as seen through rose-coloured glasses.Mike Anderson - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (5):886-887.
    This commentary takes issue with two of Rose's central themes from the perspective of the psychology of intelligence. In the case of reductionism, I argue that Rose fails to live up to his own rhetoric by claiming a veto from his own discipline (biology) over facts of the matter in another (psychology). In the case of “Lifelines,” Rose's argument is contradicted by evidence from both individual differences and developmental change in intelligence.
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    What we need is better theory, not more data.Mike Anderson - 2006 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 29 (2):125-126.
    Although I find Blair's case for arguing for the distinction between fluid cognitive functions and general intelligence less than compelling, I believe him. However, I also believe that what is required next is a theory of both general intelligence and fluid cognitive functions that articulates the distinction. In the absence of this, more data, particularly of the neuroscience variety, is likely to stall rather than advance progress. (Published Online April 5 2006).
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    What can evoked potentials tell us about cognition?Mark Johnson & Mike Anderson - 1991 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 14 (4):732-733.
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    Contemporary evolutionary psychology and the evolution of intelligence.David M. G. Lewis, Laith Al-Shawaf & Mike Anderson - 2017 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40.
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