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Mikko Siponen
University of Jyväskylä
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    A Pragmatic Evaluation of the Theory of Information Ethics.Mikko Siponen - 2004 - Ethics and Information Technology 6 (4):279-290.
    It has been argued that moral problems in relation to Information Technology (IT) require new theories of ethics. In recent years, an interesting new theory to address such concerns has been proposed, namely the theory of Information Ethics (IE). Despite the promise of IE, the theory has not enjoyed public discussion. The aim of this paper is to initiate such discussion by critically evaluating the theory of IE.
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    Mechanistic Explanations and Deliberate Misrepresentations.Mikko Siponen, Tuula Klaavuniemi & Marco Nathan - unknown
    The philosophy of mechanisms has developed rapidly during the last 30 years. As mechanisms-based explanations are often seen as an alternative to nomological, law-based explanations, MBEs could be relevant in IS. We begin by offering a short history of mechanistic philosophy and set out to clarify the contemporary landscape. We then suggest that mechanistic models provide an alternative to variance and process models in IS. Finally, we highlight how MBEs typically contain deliberate misrepresentations. Although MBEs have recently been advocated as (...)
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    The Relevance of Software Rights: An Anthology of the Divergence of Sociopolitical Doctrines. [REVIEW]Mikko Siponen - 2001 - AI and Society 15 (1-2):128-148.
    The relevance of different concepts of computer software (henceforth SW) rights is analysed from the viewpoint of divergent sociopolitical doctrines. The question of software rights is considered from the ontological assumptions, on one extreme, to the relevance of current practical applications of SW rights (such as copyright and patent), on the other extreme. It will be argued (from a non-descriptive/non-cognitive account) that the current expression of SW rights in Western societies (namely copyright, excluding patent) can be seen to be fair (...)
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    Unauthorized Copying of Software: An Empirical Study of Reasons for and Against.Mikko T. Siponen & Tero Vartiainen - 2007 - Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 37 (1):30-43.
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    A Justification for Software Rights.Mikko Siponen - 2006 - Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 36 (3):11-20.
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    Attitudes of Sixth Form Female Students Toward the IT Field.Katja Leiviskä & Mikko Siponen - 2010 - Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 40 (1):34-49.
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    A Justification for Software Rights.Mikko Siponen - 2004 - Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 34 (3):3-3.