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    Non-Classical Behavior of Atoms in an Interferometer.Lepša Vušković, Dušan Arsenović & Mirjana Božić - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (9):1329-1346.
    Using the time-dependent wave function we have studied the properties of the atomic transverse motion in an interferometer, and the cause of the non-classical behavior of atoms reported by Kurtsiefer, Pfau, and Mlynek [Nature 386, 150 (1997)]. The transverse wave function is derived from the solution of the two-dimensional Schrödinger's equation, written in the form of the Fresnel–Kirchhoff diffraction integral. It is assumed that the longitudinal motion is classical. Comparing data of the space distribution and of the transverse momentum distribution (...)
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    Compatible Statistical Interpretation of a Wave Packet.Mirjana Božić & Zvonko Marić - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (1):159-173.
    A compatible statistical interpretation of a wave packet is proposed. De Broglian probabilities which unite wave and particle features of quantons are evaluated for free wave packets and Jor a superposition of wave packets. The obtained expressions provide a very plausible and physically appealing explanation of coherence in apparently incoherent beams and of the characteristic modulation of the momentum distribution, found recently in neutron interferometry combined with spectral filtering. Certain conclusions about dualism and objectivity in quantum domain are also derived.
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    Quantum Interference, Quantum Theory of Measurement, and (In)Completeness of Quantum Mechanics.Mirjana Božić & Zvonko Marić - 1998 - Foundations of Physics 28 (3):415-427.
    The new techniques and ideas in quantum interferometry with neutrons, photons, atoms, electrons, and Bose condensates that fluorished in the last two decades have influenced in a decisive way the thinking and the research in the foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics. The controversies existing among different schools on the reality of matter waves of quantum theory, the postulates of quantum measurement theory, and the (in)completeness of quantum mechanics have to be approached now in a new way. Our argumentation follows (...)
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    Editorial: Morphologically Complex Words in the Mind/Brain.Alina Leminen, Minna Lehtonen, Mirjana Bozic & Harald Clahsen - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.