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    An Update of Public Perceptions of Synthetic Biology: Still Undecided?Mirko Ancillotti, Virgil Rerimassie, Stefanie B. Seitz & Walburg Steurer - 2016 - NanoEthics 10 (3):309-325.
    The discourse on the fundamental issues raised by synthetic biology, such as biosafety and biosecurity, intellectual property, environmental consequences and ethical and societal implications, is still open and controversial. This, coupled with the potential and risks the field holds, makes it one of the hottest topics in technology assessment today. How a new technology is perceived by the public influences the manner in which its products and applications will be received. Therefore, it is important to learn how people perceive synthetic (...)
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    Challenges and opportunities for ELSI early career researchers.Jessica Bell, Mirko Ancillotti, Victoria Coathup, Sarah Coy, Tessel Rigter, Travis Tatum, Jasjote Grewal, Faruk Berat Akcesme, Jovana Brkić, Anida Causevic-Ramosevac, Goran Milovanovic, Marianna Nobile, Cristiana Pavlidis, Teresa Finlay & Jane Kaye - 2016 - BMC Medical Ethics 17 (1):1.
    Over the past 25 years, there has been growing recognition of the importance of studying the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of genetic and genomic research. A large investment into ELSI research from the National Institutes of Health Human Genomic Project budget in 1990 stimulated the growth of this emerging field; ELSI research has continued to develop and is starting to emerge as a field in its own right. The evolving subject matter of ELSI research continues to raise new research (...)
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    An Effort Worth Making: A Qualitative Study of How Swedes Respond to Antibiotic Resistance.Mirko Ancillotti, Stefan Eriksson, Tove Godskesen, Dan I. Andersson & Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist - forthcoming - Public Health Ethics.
    Due to the alarming rise of antibiotic resistance, medically unwarranted use of antibiotics has assumed new moral significance. In this paper, a thematic content analysis of focus group discussions was conducted to explore lay people’s views on the moral challenges posed by antibiotic resistance. The most important finding is that lay people are morally sensitive to the problems entailed by antibiotic resistance. Participants saw the decreasing availability of effective antibiotics as a problem of justice. This involves individual as well as (...)
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