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Mitchell P. Jones
Goucher College
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    Transcendental Intersubjectivity and the Objects of the Human Sciences.Mitchell P. Jones - 2000 - Symposium 4 (2):209-219.
    In this essay I show that Structuralism, in order to combat the impression that it is “untenable and outmoded,” needs to be attached to a phenomenology of transcendental intersubjectivity. My argument for this conclusion is: 1) that Peter Caws is right in arguing that Structuralism needs a notion of the transcendental subject because its objects, qua intentional, presuppose such a subject; 2) the objects withwhich Structuralism is concemed are objects in the sense that Husserl speaks of objects ofthe spiritual world; (...)
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    Arp, Kristana. The Bonds of Freedom: Simone de Beauvoir’s Existentialist Ethics.Mitchell P. Jones - 2003 - Review of Metaphysics 57 (1):138-140.
  3. Dan Zahavi, Husserl's Phenomenology Reviewed by.Mitchell P. Jones - 2004 - Philosophy in Review 24 (1):75-77.
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    The Bonds of Freedom: Simone de Beauvoir’s Existentialist Ethics. [REVIEW]Mitchell P. Jones - 2003 - Review of Metaphysics 57 (1):138-139.
    In this book, Kristana Arp seeks to establish a new understanding of the ethical thought of Simone de Beauvoir. While placing Beauvoir within the school of existential phenomenology, Arp emphasizes Beauvoir’s unique contribution to existentialist ethics. Her thesis is that Beauvoir’s work moves beyond the ethical thought of other existentialists, particularly beyond that of Jean-Paul Sartre, and seeks to address fundamental problems left open by Sartre’s thinking. “Beauvoir’s breakthrough,” she claims, “is to change existentialism’s focus on one’s own freedom into (...)
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  5. Alphonso Lingis, Trust Reviewed by.Mitchell P. Jones - 2005 - Philosophy in Review 25 (1):47-49.
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  6. Review: Arp, Kristana. The Bonds of Freedom: Simone de Beauvoir's Existentialist Ethics. [REVIEW]Mitchell P. Jones - 2005 - Review of Metaphysics.