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    Apnea Testing is Medical Treatment Requiring Informed Consent.Greg Yanke, Mohamed Y. Rady, Joseph Verheijde & Joan McGregor - 2020 - American Journal of Bioethics 20 (6):22-24.
    Volume 20, Issue 6, June 2020, Page 22-24.
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    Ethical and Legal Concerns With Nevada’s Brain Death Amendments.Greg Yanke, Mohamed Y. Rady & Joseph L. Verheijde - 2018 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 15 (2):193-198.
    In early 2017, Nevada amended its Uniform Determination of Death Act, in order to clarify the neurologic criteria for the determination of death. The amendments stipulate that a determination of death is a clinical decision that does not require familial consent and that the appropriate standard for determining neurologic death is the American Academy of Neurology’s guidelines. Once a physician makes such a determination of death, the Nevada amendments require the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment within twenty-four hours with limited exceptions. (...)
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    Re A and the United Kingdom Code of Practice for the Diagnosis and Confirmation of Death: Should a Secular Construct of Death Override Religious Values in a Pluralistic Society?Kartina A. Choong & Mohamed Y. Rady - 2018 - HEC Forum 30 (1):71-89.
    The determination of death by neurological criteria remains controversial scientifically, culturally, and legally, worldwide. In the United Kingdom, although the determination of death by neurological criteria is not legally codified, the Code of Practice of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is customarily used for neurological death determination and treatment withdrawal. Unlike some states in the US, however, there are no provisions under the law requiring accommodation of and respect for residents' religious rights and commitments when secular conceptions of death (...)
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    Campaigning for Organ Donation at Mosques.Mohamed Y. Rady & Joseph L. Verheijde - 2016 - HEC Forum 28 (3):193-204.
    There is a trend of recruiting faith leaders at mosques to overcome religious barriers to organ donation, and to increase donor registration among Muslims. Commentators have suggested that Muslims are not given enough information about organ donation in religious sermons or lectures delivered at mosques. Corrective actions have been recommended, such as funding campaigns to promote organ donation, and increasing the availability of organ donation information at mosques. These actions are recommended despite published literature expressing safety concerns in living and (...)
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    Quality Palliative Care or Physician-Assisted Death: A Comment on the French Perspective of End-of-Life Care in Neurological Disorders.Mohamed Y. Rady - 2011 - Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics 2 (2).
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