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    Mohammad Ardeshir & Mojtaba Moniri (1998). Intuitionistic Open Induction and Least Number Principle and the Buss Operator. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 39 (2):212-220.
    In "Intuitionistic validity in -normal Kripke structures," Buss asked whether every intuitionistic theory is, for some classical theory , that of all -normal Kripke structures for which he gave an r.e. axiomatization. In the language of arithmetic and denote PA plus Open Induction or Open LNP, and are their intuitionistic deductive closures. We show is recursively axiomatizable and , while . If proves PEM but not totality of a classically provably total Diophantine function of , then and so . A (...)
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    Morteza Moniri & Mojtaba Moniri (2002). Some Weak Fragments of HA and Certain Closure Properties. Journal of Symbolic Logic 67 (1):91-103.
    We show that Intuitionistic Open Induction iop is not closed under the rule DNS(∃ - 1 ). This is established by constructing a Kripke model of iop + $\neg L_y(2y > x)$ , where $L_y(2y > x)$ is universally quantified on x. On the other hand, we prove that iop is equivalent with the intuitionistic theory axiomatized by PA - plus the scheme of weak ¬¬LNP for open formulas, where universal quantification on the parameters precedes double negation. We also show (...)
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    Jafar S. Eivazloo & Mojtaba Moniri (2003). Expansions of Ordered Fields Without Definable Gaps. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 49 (1):72-82.
    In this paper we are concerned with definably, with or without parameters, complete expansions of ordered fields, i. e. those with no definable gaps. We present several axiomatizations, like being definably connected, in each of the two cases. As a corollary, when parameters are allowed, expansions of ordered fields are o-minimal if and only if all their definable subsets are finite disjoint unions of definably connected subsets. We pay attention to how simply a definable gap in an expansion is so. (...)
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