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    Higher Education Outreach: Examining Key Challenges for Academics.Matthew Johnson, Emily Danvers, Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Kate Atkinson, Gareth Bowden, John Foster, Kristina Garner, Paul Garrud, Sarah Greaves, Patricia Harris, Momna Hejmadi, David Hill, Gwen Hughes, Louise Jackson, Angela O’Sullivan, Séamus ÓTuama, Pilar Perez Brown, Pete Philipson, Simon Ravenscroft, Mirain Rhys, Tom Ritchie, Jon Talbot, David Walker, Jon Watson, Myfanwy Williams & Sharon Williams - forthcoming - British Journal of Educational Studies:1-23.
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    General and Specific Abilities to Recognise Negative Emotions, Especially Disgust, as Portrayed in the Face and the Body.Paul Rozin, Cory Taylor, Lauren Ross, Gwendolyn Bennett & Ahalya Hejmadi - 2005 - Cognition and Emotion 19 (3):397-412.
  3. General and Specific Emotion Recognition Abilities: Relations Among Individual Differences in Recognition of Disgust and Other Emotional Expressions in Facial and Bodily Representations, Obsessive-Compulsive Tendencies, and Disgust Sensitivity.P. Rozin, C. Taylor, L. Ross, G. Bennett & A. Hejmadi - 2005 - Cognition and Emotion 19:397-412.