1.  53
    Notes on the Origin of Evolutionary Computation.Moshe Sipper - 1999 - Complexity 4 (5):15-21.
  2.  86
    A Success Story or an Old Wives' Tale? On Judging Experiments in Evolutionary Computation.Moshe Sipper - 2000 - Complexity 5 (4):31-33.
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    Intelligence is Not Enough: On the Socialization of Talking Machines. [REVIEW]E. Ronald & Moshe Sipper - 2001 - Minds and Machines 11 (4):567-576.
    Since the introduction of the imitation game by Turing in 1950 there has been much debate as to its validity in ascertaining machine intelligence. We wish herein to consider a different issue altogether: granted that a computing machine passes the Turing Test, thereby earning the label of ``Turing Chatterbox'', would it then be of any use (to us humans)? From the examination of scenarios, we conclude that when machines begin to participate in social transactions, unresolved issues of trust and responsibility (...)
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