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Mostapha Benhenda
École Normale Supérieure
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    Liberal Democracy and Political Islam: The Search for Common Ground.Mostapha Benhenda - 2011 - Politics, Philosophy and Economics 10 (1):88-115.
    We seek to establish a dialogue between democratic and Islamic normative political theories. To that aim, we show that the conception of democracy underlying a prominent Islamic political model is procedural. We distinguish proceduralism from a liberal conception of democracy. Then, we explain how bringing together Islamic political theory and democracy alters the meaning of the latter. In other words, we show that democracy within Islam often means democracy within Islamic limits.
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    Studying Autism Spectrum Disorder with Structural and Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Survey.Marwa M. T. Ismail, Robert S. Keynton, Mahmoud M. M. O. Mostapha, Ahmed H. ElTanboly, Manuel F. Casanova, Georgy L. Gimel'farb & Ayman El-Baz - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
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    Another Perspective on Borda’s Paradox.Mostapha Diss & Abdelmonaim Tlidi - 2018 - Theory and Decision 84 (1):99-121.
    This paper presents the conditions required for a profile in order to never exhibit either the strong or the strict Borda paradoxes under all weighted scoring rules in three-candidate elections. The main particularity of our paper is that all the conclusions are deduced from the differences of votes between candidates in pairwise majority elections. This way allows us to answer new questions and provide an organized knowledge of the conditions under which a given profile never shows one or the other (...)
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  4. On the Stability of a Triplet of Scoring Rules.Mostapha Diss & Vincent Merlin - 2010 - Theory and Decision 69 (2):289-316.
    When choosing a voting rule to make subsequent decisions, the members of a committee may wish this rule to be self-selected when it is the object of a choice among a menu of different possible voting rules. Such concepts have recently been explored in Social Choice theory, and a menu of voting rule is said to be stable if it contains at least one self-selective voting rule at each profile of preferences on voting rules. We consider in this article the (...)
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    Consistent Collective Decisions Under Majorities Based on Difference of Votes.Mostapha Diss & Patrizia Pérez-Asurmendi - 2016 - Theory and Decision 80 (3):473-494.
    The main criticism to the aggregation of individual preferences under majority rules refers to the possibility of reaching inconsistent collective decisions from the election process. In these cases, the collective preference includes cycles and even could prevent the election of any alternative as the collective choice. The likelihood of consistent outcomes under a class of majority rules constitutes the aim of this paper. Specifically, we focus on majority rules that require certain consensus in individual preferences to declare an alternative as (...)
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