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    Theorem Provers with Counter-Models and Xpe.Motohiko Mouri - 2001 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 30 (2):79-86.
  2. Natural Deduction Systems for Some Non-Commutative Logics.Norihiro Kamide & Motohiko Mouri - 2007 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 16 (2-3):105-146.
    Varieties of natural deduction systems are introduced for Wansing’s paraconsistent non-commutative substructural logic, called a constructive sequential propositional logic (COSPL), and its fragments. Normalization, strong normalization and Church-Rosser theorems are proved for these systems. These results include some new results on full Lambek logic (FL) and its fragments, because FL is a fragment of COSPL.
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    Constructing Counter-Models for Modal Logic K4 From Refutation Trees.Motohiko Mouri - 2002 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 31 (2):81-90.
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    Strong Normalizability of Typed Lambda-Calculi for Substructural Logics.Motohiko Mouri & Norihiro Kamide - 2008 - Logica Universalis 2 (2):189-207.
    The strong normalization theorem is uniformly proved for typed λ-calculi for a wide range of substructural logics with or without strong negation.
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