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Mustapha Marrouchi [6]Mustapha Ben T. Marrouchi [1]
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    Islam and the West: Unequal Distance/ Unequal Difference.Mustapha Marrouchi - 2007 - Philosophia Africana 10 (1):1-30.
    Can one divide human reality as indeed human reality seems to be genuinely divided, into clearly different cultures, histories, traditions, societies, even races, and survive the consequences humanly? By surviving the consequences humanly, I mean to ask whether there is any way of avoiding the hystility exoressed by the division, say, of men into "us" (Westerners) and "they" (Orientals) . . . designating in one's mind a familiar soace which is "ours" and an unfamiliar soace beyond "ours" which is "theirs. (...)
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    Possible Narratives: Islams Re/Deconstructed.Mustapha Marrouchi - 2010 - Philosophia Africana 13 (1):35-52.
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    The New/Old Idiot: Re-Reading Said's Contributions to Post-Colonial Studies.Mustapha Marrouchi - 2003 - Philosophia Africana 6 (2):37-60.
    The old idiot wanted, by himself, to account for what was lost or saved; but the new idiot wants the lost, the incomprehensible, and the absurd to be restored to him. This is most certainly not the same persona; a mutation has taken place. And yet a slender thread links the two idiots, as if the first had to lose reason so that the second rediscovers what the other, in winning it, had lost in advance.
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    The Critic as Dis/Placed Intelligence: The Case of Edward Said.Mustapha Ben T. Marrouchi - 1991 - Diacritics 21 (1):63.
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    The Intellectual Without a Mandate.Mustapha Marrouchi - 2000 - African Philosophy 13 (1):5-24.
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