N. D. Belnap [4]N. D. Belnap Jr [1]
  1. The Revision Theory of Truth.A. Gupta & N. D. Belnap - 1993 - MIT Press.
    In this rigorous investigation into the logic of truth Anil Gupta and Nuel Belnap explain how the concept of truth works in both ordinary and pathological..
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  2. A useful four-valued logic.N. D. Belnap - 1977 - In J. M. Dunn & G. Epstein (eds.), Modern Uses of Multiple-Valued Logic. D. Reidel.
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    The display problem.N. D. Belnap - 1996 - In H. Wansing (ed.), Proof Theory of Modal Logic. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 79--93.
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    On not strengthening intuitionistic logic.N. D. Belnap, H. Leblanc & R. H. Thomason - 1963 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 4 (4):313-320.
    tic sequenzen-kalkul of Gentzen, into rules for PCc, the classical sequenzenkalkul. We shall limit ourselves here to sequenzen or turnstile statements of the form A„A„..., A„ I- B, where A„A„..., A„(n ~ 0), and B are wffs consisting of propositional variables, zero or more of the connectives '5', "v', ' ', ')', and '=', and zero or more parentheses. One can pass from PCi to PCc by amending the intelim rules for ' a result of long standing, or by amending (...)
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  5. J. Alberto Coffa.W. C. Salmon, G. Massey, N. D. Belnap Jr & T. M. Simpson - 1993 - In David-Hillel Ruben (ed.), Explanation. Oxford University Press.
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