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  1. Looking for the Agent: An Investigation Into Consciousness of Action and Self-Consciousness in Schizophrenic Patients.E. Daprati, N. Franck, N. Georgieff, Joëlle Proust, Elisabeth Pacherie, J. Dalery & Marc Jeannerod - 1997 - Cognition 65 (1):71-86.
    The abilities to attribute an action to its proper agent and to understand its meaning when it is produced by someone else are basic aspects of human social communication. Several psychiatric syndromes, such as schizophrenia, seem to lead to a dysfunction of the awareness of one’s own action as well as of recognition of actions performed by other. Such syndromes offer a framework for studying the determinants of agency, the ability to correctly attribute actions to their veridical source. Thirty normal (...)
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  2. Beyond Consciousness of External Reality: A ''Who'' System for Consciousness of Action and Self-Consciousness.Nicolas Georgieff & Marc Jeannerod - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):465-477.
    This paper offers a framework for consciousness of internal reality. Recent PET experiments are reviewed, showing partial overlap of cortical activation during self-produced actions and actions observed from other people. This overlap suggests that representations for actions may be shared by several individuals, a situation which creates a potential problem for correctly attributing an action to its agent. The neural conditions for correct agency judgments are thus assigned a key role in self/other distinction and self-consciousness. A series of behavioral experiments (...)
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    Action Recognition in Normal and Schizophrenic Subjects.Marc Jeannerod, Chloe Farrer, Nicolas Franck, Pierre Fourneret, Andres Posada, Elena Daprati & Nicolas Georgieff - 2003 - In Tilo Kircher & Anthony S. David (eds.), The Self in Neuroscience and Psychiatry. Cambridge University Press. pp. 380.
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    Mental Rotation in Schizophrenia.Frédérique de Vignemont, Tiziana Zalla, Andrés Posada, Anne Louvegnez, Olivier Koenig, Nicolas Georgieff & Nicolas Franck - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15 (2):295-309.
    Motor imagery provides a direct insight into action representations. The aim of the present study was to investigate the level of impairment of action monitoring in schizophrenia by evaluating the performance of schizophrenic patients on mental rotation tasks. We raised the following questions: Are schizophrenic patients impaired in motor imagery both at the explicit and at the implicit level? Are body parts more difficult for them to mentally rotate than objects? Is there any link between the performance and the hallucinating (...)
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    Anticipating Incoming Events: An Impaired Cognitive Process in Schizophrenia.A. Posada, N. Franck, N. Georgieff & M. Jeannerod - 2001 - Cognition 81 (3):209-226.
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    What Autism Can Reveal About Every … Not Sentences: Articles.Ira A. Noveck, Raphaële Guelminger, Nicolas Georgieff & Nelly Labruyere - 2007 - Journal of Semantics 24 (1):73-90.
    The sentence Every horse did not jump over the fence can be interpreted with the negation taking scope over the quantifier or with the quantifier Every taking scope over the negation. Beginning with Musolino, Crain and Thornton, much work has shown that while adults typically adopt a Not every reading in ‘2-of-3’ contexts, children do not and often produce None readings instead. In line with suggestions from Musolino and Lidz, we propose that this developmental effect relies to a great extent (...)
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  7. Cédric Lemogne, Pascale Piolino, Stéphanie Friszer, Astrid Claret, Nathalie Girault, Roland Jouvent, Jean-François.Philippe Fossati Allilaire, Frédérique de Vignemont, Tiziana Zalla, Andrés Posada, Anne Louvegnez, Olivier Koenig, Nicolas Georgieff, Nicolas Franck, Arnaud DÕArgembeau & Martial Van der Linden - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15:232-233.
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  8. Barsalou, LW, 231.L. Bosch, S. F. Cappa, N. Chater, I. Choi, J. Dalery, E. Daprati, N. Franck, D. Gentner, N. Georgieff & R. L. Goldstone - 1998 - Cognition 65:301.
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  9. Looking for the Agent: An Investigation Into Self-Consciousness and Consciousness of the Action in Patients with Schizophrenia.E. Daprati, N. Franck, N. Georgieff, J. Proust, E. Pacherie, J. Dalery & M. Jeannerod - 1997 - Cognition 65:71-86.
  10. Attribution of Action in Schizophrenic Patients.C. Farrer, N. Franck, N. Georgieff & M. Jeannerod - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S44 - S44.
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    How Does Implicit and Explicit Knowledge Fit in the Consciousness of Action?Nicolas Georgieff & Yves Rossetti - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (5):765-766.
    Dienes & Perner's (D&P's) target articles proposes an analysis of explicit knowledge based on a progressive transformation of implicit into explicit products, applying this gradient to different aspects of knowledge that can be represented. The goal is to integrate a philosophical concept of knowledge with relevant psychophysical and neuropsychological data. D&P seem to fill an impressive portion of the gap between these two areas. We focus on two examples where a full synthesis of theoretical and empirical data seems difficult to (...)
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