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Naomi Eilan
University of Warwick
  1. The Body and the Self.Jose Luis Bermudez, Anthony J. Marcel & Naomi M. Eilan (eds.) - 1995 - MIT Press.
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    Agency and Self-Awareness: Mechanisms and Epistemology.Naomi M. Eilan & Johannes Roessler - 2003 - In Johannes Roessler (ed.), Agency and Self-Awareness: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  3.  86
    Perceptual Intentionality, Attention and Consciousness.Naomi M. Eilan - 1998 - In Anthony O'Hear (ed.), Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 181-202.
    of presence cannot be explained by appeal to the notion of non-representational of experience. world see John Campbell, 'The Role of Physical Objects in Thinking', in Representation: Problems Perceptual Intentionality, and.
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    Self-Consciousness and the Body: An Interdisciplinary Introduction.Naomi M. Eilan & Anthony J. Marcel - 1995 - In Jose Luis Bermudez, Anthony J. Marcel & Naomi M. Eilan (eds.), The Body and the Self. MIT Press.
  5.  88
    Consciousness and the Self.Naomi M. Eilan - 1995 - In Jose Luis Bermudez, Anthony J. Marcel & Naomi M. Eilan (eds.), The Body and the Self. MIT Press. pp. 291--310.
  6. Objectivity and the Perspective of Consciousness.Naomi M. Eilan - 1997 - European Journal of Philosophy 5 (3):235-250.
  7. Molyneux's Question and the Idea of an External World.Naomi M. Eilan - 1993 - In Spatial Representation: Problems in Philosophy and Psychology. Cambridge: Blackwell.
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  8. The Explanatory Role of Consciousness in Action.Naomi M. Eilan - 2003 - In Sabine Maasen, Wolfgang Prinz & Gerhard Roth (eds.), Voluntary Action: Brains, Minds, and Sociality. Oxford University Press. pp. 188-201.
  9. On the Role of Perceptual Consciousness in Explaining the Goals and Mechanisms of Vision: A Convergence on Attention?Naomi M. Eilan - 2006 - Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 80 (1):67-88.
    The strong sensorimotor account of perception gives self-induced movements two constitutive roles in explaining visual consciousness. The first says that self-induced movements are vehicles of visual awareness, and for this reason consciousness ‘does not happen in the brain only’. The second says that the phenomenal nature of visual experiences is consists in the action-directing content of vision. In response I suggest, first, that the sense in which visual awareness is active should be explained by appeal to the role of attention (...)
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  10. On the Reality of Color.Naomi M. Eilan - manuscript
    The Quest for Reality, contains, amongst much else, a sustained and deeply illuminating investigation of the thesis Barry Stroud labels ’subjectivism’ about colours. The grounds he relentlessly amasses for rejecting the thesis are, in my view, compelling. There is a sense, indeed, in which I think they are more compelling than he says he himself finds them. For as I understand his arguments, they contain the materials for delivering a positive answer to the question: are objects really coloured? As Stroud (...)
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    Primitive Consciousness and the 'Hard Problem'.Naomi M. Eilan - 2000 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (4):28-39.
    [opening paragraph]: If we think intuitively and non-professionally about the evolution of consciousness, the following is a compelling thought. What the emergence of consciousness made possible, uniquely in the natural world, was the capacity for representing the world, and, hence, for acquiring knowledge about it. This is the kind of thought that surfaces when, for example, we make explicit what lies behind wondering whether a frog, as compared to a dog, say, is conscious. The thought that it might not be (...)
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  12. Problems in the Philosophy and Psychology of Spatial Representation.Naomi M. Eilan, R. McCarthy & M. W. Brewer (eds.) - 1993 - Blackwell.
  13. Self-Location, Consciousness, and Attention.Naomi M. Eilan - manuscript
    ‘Like the shadow of one’s own head, [the referent of one’s ‘I’ thoughts] will not wait to be jumped on. And yet it is never very far ahead; indeed, sometimes it does not seem to be ahead of the pursuer at all. It evades capture by lodging itself in the very inside of the muscles of the pursuer. It is too near even to be within arm’s reach.’(C of M 177-89).
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    The Imagery Debate.Naomi M. Eilan - 1993 - Philosophical Books 34 (3):137-142.
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